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R.S. Haspiel


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Its an adventure romance between a British WWII nurse and a Russian nurse longing to be a pilot. It is told thru a series of letters written during WWII  that have been discovered by the pilots bored granddaughter one summer.  Once she finds out that her grandmother is a lesbian and that the love of her life died in the war the investigation begins along with a surprising revelation.

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Tropical Leaves
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About the Author

R.S. Haspiel has worn many different hats: Wildlife Photographer, Science teacher and Animal Cruelty Investigator. In the wake of the Covid19 Pandemic she now prefers to spend time as a writer along with her partner and furry family on the West Coast of Florida. 


R.S. Haspiel has been a Wildlife Photographer since she was 17 and would spend weekends camping in the Everglades. While her cameras have changed, her love of spending hours watching wildlife has not. Some of her photographs can be purchased privately thru this website.

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All wildlife photographs are available for purchase direct from photographer at

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